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We have a full explanation of why you will find adverts on this website and what the income from advertising is used for. See the "About Chadmin" page for more information.

Accountancy For Charities

We offer a range of accounting services from year end accounts to budgeting. Every charity has a different aim or objective they are working towards but every charity needs to keep accurate records of their activities. Accountancy for a charity, often seems like a hassle or an expensive cost that does not further the aims of the organisation.

As an accountant focused on charities, our objective is to save more than we cost.  Through our services we will always try to benefit the charity we are working for by ensuring the bookkeeping and accountancy aspect is a positive experience saving you precious time.  We make all of our services cost effective and relevant to not for profit organisations.  

Independent Examiner

Why pay for an auditor when you can have a cheaper yet just as professional independent examination? For an accountant one of the most interesting parts of our work is having an insight in to so many different organisations. That is especially true with independent examinations, although they are not as in depth as an audit you still get to explore the whole organisation and see all the working parts.  If you currently have an auditor but your not sure what the limits are give us a call or visit the Independent examination page for more information.

Start-up charities

Here at Chadmin we provide free support and free charity registration for start up charities. Getting your charitable organisation started is complicated and can be frustrating at times. But we are here to help you get your organisation off to a flying start and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. We understand what drives charities and with us on hand to help with administration and other services we can support you right from the beginning and encourage the growth of your charity. From fundraising to advising volunteers and liaising with the organisations like the  Fundraising Standards Board or HMRC we can help you one every step of your exciting new journey.


Raising finance streams is one of the biggest strains on a charity as not having enough resources limits what charities can do. especially in the current climate money is becoming harder and harder to bring in. Organisations are constantly looking for new ways to ensure their finances are kept on an even platform.

That's where we come in. Now it can seem like a risk to hire outside help for fundraising, but what many organisations forget is that internal staff normally cost more and often don't have the specialist experience that we do. Not to mention it then prevents those members of staff from doing their main job.  Submitting funding bids consumes valuable staff hours that could be spent else where.


We realise it can feel a risky using an independent fundraiser, but our guarantee is that we will get your project funding. If a bid was to be unsuccessful there is a relatively small amount of work needed to submit to a different funding source as the majority of work will have already been done. From a business point of view it is worth us getting the funding for reputation and the success fee. But more importantly we enjoy helping charitable and community organisations make a difference as well as helping projects move forwards.

Charity of the month

To help support charities and show that we care about voluntary organisations we have a new charity on our website each month for charities to support. You can donate through this website or go directly to the charities website (if they have one).