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We have adverts on this website to help cover the costs of people making donations through PayPal. 

Unfortunately as we are a business we are charged for every transaction made using our dedicated donations account with PayPal. This means to ensure people donate ten pounds exactly to the intended charity we have to cover the 60-70 pence fee. 

All the adverts are either charities or businesses relevant to the accounting/legal industry.


Ben Stephens - Owner Of Chadmin


Contact Information 

Email: bstephens@chadmin-for-charities.co.uk
Mobile: 07534494292
Office: 01837 318 500

Having recently just qualified as an accountant through AAT I bring the passion for charities to the business as well as the accounting side. I have been involved with charities since the age of 13 and have a considerable understanding of how charities think and are run. Working with Paul Stephens for the last two years has helped me gain valuable experience in Public Sector Funding Consultancy work. Fundraising has always been part of my life through my involvement with charities. Whether it was standing around with a bucket on carnival night,  filling in small applications for start up charities or even door to door fundraising for the Royal British Legion I have always had some input in to fundraising. 

As a Member In Practice with AAT I am licensed to practice in four different areas of accounting. If you would like to see what I am licensed in you can find me on the AAT website in the members directory.

I Am a local Town Councillor for Okehampton and Councillor for West Devon Borough Council



Contact Information

Office: 01837 659423

Paul Stephens has 20 Years experience working with Public Sector Funding. As an External Funding Manager for the Environment Agency Paul created and funded many different and varied projects. Since leaving the Environment Agency Paul has used this experience to offer his services as a Public Sector Funding Consultant.



Contact Information

Email: emma.cunnington@chadmin-for-charities.co.uk

Office: 01837 318500

Emma has many years experience in administration procedures and has worked for charities and funding agencies.  She has always volunteered alongside working and this givers her knowledge of all angles of the process.  Emma will also be studying AAT Foundation in 2017.

our aspirations

Through Public Sector Funding we aim to enable projects to achieve their goals. At the same time as enabling successful projects we look to create lasting partnerships between the organisations involved in the projects. 
EU funding (although complicated) has more benefits than just the funding available. The benefit of having partners involved in projects is that you can learn from them you can share ideas and together you can more of an impact than if you were acting alone.

As far as our accounting services for charities go, we aim to help drive charities forward to achieve their goals. We feel charities can benefit from our accounting services not only financially but also with the smooth running of a charity. Internal controls are regularly mentioned on this website because they not only help prevent fraud and human error, they also add structure and clarity to the organisation as a whole.


Chadmin was started initially as a business offering EU Consultancy and Project Administration. However as experiences and interest increased in working with charities it seemed only natural to offer accountancy services as well.

We are based in Devon but are happy to take on business throughout the UK for all our services. Most projects require a large amount of travelling and we are well accustomed to this now. The travelling also adds an element of interest by the way of seeing new people, new places and different organisations.

We enjoy working with charities and community organisations to achieve positive out comes for People and Nature.

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