Charity Administration 


A photo sharing site that can be useful especially for projects.


This is another photo sharing site. The main differences are usability.

 Whats app

One of the most effective ways of communicating with groups of people.

Its a mobile app and can be a very effective tool for planning events.


Skype is so versatile it can be used on laptops, tablets and phones. 

Using Skype for interviewing or meetings can help reduce costs by reducing travel.


There are so many jobs with in any organisation that end up being classed as administration as they don't fit in any where else. This can make administration more difficult but it certainly makes it more complicated. One of the best ways to keep on top of the administration burdens is to keep a well organised filling system. Sifting through piles of paper is not only frustrating it often leads to information not being found.

Compulsory administration

Getting charityadministration right is important as it can prevent charities from achieving their goals if it is not done efficiently. The Charity Commission monitor your deadline submission history and can take action if they feel your organisation is not meeting the required standards of reporting.

Administration that you have to do as a charity depends on your size. As your organisation grows so do the reporting and scrutiny required by the commission.


Useful charity administration covers admin that can make a big difference to  your charitable organisation by drawing in more regular support and expanding your supporter base.  This Should be done by some one experienced or with transferable skills. This kind of administration needs to be carried out professionally and with a certain degree of care.

Every one will be seeing things like newsletters and people can sometimes be put off by the way newsletters or emails are worded. Be more concerned with how people will interpret what you are saying than whether you have got the margins right.



HMRC play a large role in almost every charity. They are the government department that is responsible for processing  your gift aid claims. You also go through HMRC if your charity employs people or is VAT registered. Be patient with HMRC they are very slow. You can spend Hours on the phone but you will get there eventually!


Charities have to be regulated by the charity commission. This means a charity must register with the commission once its turn over reaches a certain level. Once registered with the charity commission, your administration burden will increase dramatically. In fact even during the registration process you may start to appreciate HMRC! Although the admin burden does increase the commission are very helpful and offer a wide range of guidance for the regulation of charities. Most of the help available is online and downloadable from the internet but you can always contact the commission for any specific questions or queries.


Starting a membership is a great way of raising funds whilst keeping people informed about your organisation. However starting a membership needs to be well thought through. Membership can create a large administration pressure especially as members normally expect more than just a newsletter.

Membership normally involves money being paid to the organisation although not always. It is advisable to at the very least have some one with accounting experience overseeing this role. You could of course split out the payments from the actual administration of the Membership. That way your accounting team can ensure all payments are handled in the proper way.


Newsletters are a great way of keeping people up to date and for making people aware of upcoming challenges. To start with they seem like a daunting task, But once you have a template it becomes much easier. A newsletter can be relatively simple to put together. If you send it out by email it is a very cheap way of communicating.  The downside of using emails is they can often end up in the junk folder.

Sometimes  your local paper or magazine will give a charitable organisation free space or at the very least a reduced rate. This is a great way of getting more people interested in your organisation and it wont cost you too much. It is also very simple as all you would have to do is send your newsletter in to the paper and they will do the rest.

Accounting or administration

The two roles of accounting and administration can become almost one. But this is not an effective use of accounting skills or a good way of administrating a charity. Make sure there are clearly defined roles for example, producing a newsletter comes under admin and bookkeeping comes under the accounting department. An organisation that tries to combine the two will find that one of the roles will suffer because of it. 

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