Governing bodies

The Charity Commission provides governance and regulation for charities and not for profit organisations. The Charity Commission however does not override other forms of regulation such as accounting or health and safety regulations. The general consensus is that whichever of the rules is the strictest is the one you should follow. That way you will never be found wanting be any of the bodies your organisation is accountable to.

As an accountant I am licensed through the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). The AAT as a charity that provides training for accountants and provides a membership service for qualified members. The AAT is now a very well know and respected membership to have as members are well regulated and always kept to a strict CPD regime. 

One of the key governing bodies for charities will be Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). HMRC are the organisation who collect taxes from businesses and charities and they also issue any refunds due. One key refund Charities can collect is 25% of donations that have been gift aided. 

The Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) provides a code of conduct for fundraising and fundraisers. The FRSB will investigate any circumstances where they feel there has been a breach of the FRSB regulations. They are a useful organisation not just for fundraisers but also for the general public as this is the first organisation you should contact if you have concerns about aggressive fundraising or any breach of the fundraising regulations.

The Institute of Fundraising (IFO) is similar to the FRSB however, the IFO is geared more towards Fundraisers than the general public. The IFO Provides training courses for fundraisers as well as providing a membership service similar to the AAT above.

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