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We do our best to make starting your charity easier. We offer free advice for start up charity's.

we also offer a Free Charity Registration Service.


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Any one who starts a charitable organisation has a vision. The difficult part is turning that vision in to reality. The most important thing to realize is that big ideas become reality through many little steps. Its the little steps that get you on to the path of reaching your vision.


Break your vision for the start up organisation down into realistic goals. In one year you can not end poverty all together (unfortunately) but you can create your start up organisation, register with the charity commission and open a bank account. Your start up charity will benefit from at the very start having a five year plan. Make sure this guides you as the charity grows but keep it updated as each year the objectives may change or become bigger.


One of the most difficult tasks of starting up a charity can be convincing other people that your serious about your vision. Don't be disheartened if people are not as enthusiastic as you are initially. Remember it is your Vision and persuading people to make it their Vision as well takes time and plenty of hard work. Sometimes being over enthusiastic can actually put people off. So try to moderate the enthusiasm and focus it on getting the charitable organisation up and running.

Starting to last

A great way to ensure your start up charity doesn't fizzle out after six months is getting in to some healthy routines. Update your website every week even if no one is currently visiting the page regularly. It will pay dividends when your organisation starts to become well known. Check your organisation bank account each week to keep you on top of your finances. It is down heartening to be held back by disorganized finances especially in the beginning.


Before anything, make sure you have a a good system in place to keep all your documentation together and well organized. You will soon learn that as a start up charity there is a ridiculous amount of paper work that has to be produced. If you are trying to be completely paperless then be tidy with your folders and don't make things difficult to find. Clearly labeling documents and folders does make everything much easier to find and file but as importantly it helps prevent important documents from being lost or damaged. 


Chadmin is happy to register your organisation with the charity commission for free. From experience it can take up to four months to get your charity registered and as this is a free service we don't guarantee success or a quick turn around. However it is in our interest to be successful and efficient to ensure Chadmin gets a good reputation. You can always contact us to see how things are going and ask any questions you have. We understand that vision drives people to create their charitable organisation and we want to be able to help you reach your goals.

In the spirit if being open and honest here are our reasons for offering a free service. Firstly we see it as an investment for the future. As the charity we register grows they may look to us for paid services in the future. Our second reason is that any one can register a charity on there own it doesn't take an expert or specialist knowledge. The benefit of doing it through Chadmin is that we have experience of the system and can make the process quicker and easier. 

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