Big Lottery


The Key to obtaining funds (from our point of view) is to be reactive to different criteria for different funding streams. It is not necessary, useful or even possible for us to know every funding stream in detail. However a general understanding of what funders are looking for helps immensely. Being able to interpret what the funders are looking for and being able relate that back to the organisation looking for funding is not as simple as it may sound.

When we do need to know a funding stream in detail we make it our business to understand thoroughly the criteria and funding process. Funding organisations get very frustrated when a project has clearly not read the guidance or applications form carefully. So always fill out the form in the way they want it completed to avoid getting their backs up from the start.  Even if you don't think the information is relevant add it in any way as they may think you missed that section or couldn't be bother to fill it in which never looks good.

Often the competition for some of the funding streams can be fierce. In these circumstances it is not enough to just meet the criteria you must show that your project has much more to offer. A solid exit strategy and being able to show that your project will have a lasting affect long after the official length of the project adds substantial wieght to your applications.


If you are looking for under £10,000 then something like the awards for all lottery funding could be right for you. It is relatively simple to submit and does not generally require Professional help. If you do want some advice we are happy to share our experience for free over a short phone call or you can ask a question through the  contact us page.


This includes most of the funding streams that can be found on the lottery homepage. More specialist areas of lottery funding include Arts Council, HLF, and Sports England funding. Lottery funding is so diverse that Providing you are a community organisation there will normally be a funding stream that will fund your activity. 


The lottery(for small amounts) will normally take at least six weeks to make a decision on the application. This can be longer for some of the smaller funding streams but they are fairly efficient at processing the smaller applications. For the larger funding streams the timings and applications process can vary widely. 


The lottery has two main ways of offering funding - the rolling program and one off time or fund limited programs.

Rolling programs are normally smaller amounts of money but are always available whilst one off programs tend to be for larger amounts of money available for short periods.