Charity For Children


With all the current catastrophes in the world it is becoming more and more important for us to teach our children the value of helping others less fortunate. We suggest trying to do something once a week just to have a regular reminder to help other people in need. It is recognised that if children are engaged from an early age  then giving to charity becomes a habit which is more likely to continue throughout their entire life.

Making charity become a habit

The best way to do this is to involve your children with any charity related tasks, for example:

1. Encourage the child to go through any unused clothes and toys alongside you.  This is more effective if you do this together. Then take the items to a charitable destination or perhaps you could organise a Carboot sale together with any proceeds to be given to a charity.

2. On a supermarket trip together buy some cat or dog food to be given to animal charities they are collecting for at the end of the aisle. Or why not deliver your can of food to the charity itself with your child.

3. Take the child with you when you give blood to show that you give from yourself also.

4. Bake a cake together for the elderly couple across the road, or offer to rake the leaves for them at no cost.

5. Make a birthday charitable, perhaps you could ask for a present to be brought for you from a charity shop or encourage your child to give one of their books to charity on the special day.

6. Help the grandparents by washing the car or mowing the grass.

These are just some ideas to develop a spirit of giving. Teaching our children to be responsible and caring helps them gain skills which will help them in their future life.


The great thing about supporting charity is that there are so many to choose from! Find one you like or one that is of personal interest to you.


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