Current Projects 


Life Waders For Real

Life + Waders For Real aims to create habitat for waders and trial new ways of helping prevent predation on their nests. Waders for Real has been financed by the Life+ funding stream and will run for just over fours years. In total Life + Waders For Real will use just over €1.2 million. The Life + program is part of the Horizon 2020 initiative and this particular project is unique because it does not have any partners. 

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One of the projects we currently support with administration and project management  is Quessa. This Project is researching the benefits of having a nature strip around the outside of farmers crops to allow natural predators of aphids and other harmful insects, to thrive. QUESSA has 14 different partners from almost as many country's. As you can imagine this presents a challenge especially taking in to account the language barriers.


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