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European Union  Skeptics will try to blind you with facts and figures of why we should be getting out and how much the EU memberships costs us. And Pro EU People do exactly the  same(point out how good the EU is point out how much trade it brings in blah blah blah)

I am not going to do that, at least not yet, although I am sure I will get dragged into the battle nearer the vote. No for now I will give reasons for staying in the EU that focus on social or reputational factors for remaining with the  EU.(one reason at a time and probably only one a week)

The first reason of many. This is one of the longest periods of Peace the continent of Europe has known (admittedly not the longest but doing very well).

Why would we break this up? Clearly the EU is doing something right! the amount of issues that will arise from the UK Leaving could cause absolute caos throughout Europe.  The United Kingdom leaving could cause the European Union to break up by starting a chain reaction. If the EU were to break up several of the smaller less stable  countries would spiral into civil wars and their economies would crash. Even if the countries were able to avoid civil wars the damage the breaking up of the EU would do to their economies would take tens of years to repair.

Are we Really going to put countries through that suffering? Even the argument "but these are all ifs, it might not lead to that" does not lessen this point. What right do we have to be risking and playing around with other peoples and other countries lives? Personally I could not live in England if we were the sort of country that only cares about its own well being and causes  countless others to suffer.  And of course all this is assuming that leaving the EU is good for us! (which I highly doubt it will be but that is for another day!)

So whilst saying that "a UK exit from the EU could cause civil war"  may be a worse case scenario, the truth is that a UK exit will create untold amounts of conflict within the EU severely damaging hard fought for partnerships and country cooperation. Not to mention that a best case scenario still sees many countries having their economy's shattered. Which for some countries it will take tens of years to recover if at all.

One of the Great things about the EU is the way it brings countries together to work in partnership. Whilst there still may be strong feelings in the back ground, gradually this working together is breaking down these walls and bring a greater level of understanding to all involved. I see partnerships being created between countries who have always been rivals and I see them working together to achieve common goals.

And to finish this rambling blog, as the European Union has managed to keep the peace for this long lets keep it together and make it better not leave it and make it worse for every one else.

Do we really want to be known as the country that destroyed the European Union?

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