Don't vote because of sensational headlines

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The last thing that I want any one to do is to vote one way or the other because of some scary headline. Which ever way you are voting in June please ignore the headlines and  look at the facts.

The most recent misleading headline I have seen states that Over 50  EU Criminals were let in to the country and they then committed more crimes over here. Now that does sound really bad in fact, maybe its time to leave the UK before we are over run by criminals from Europe! 

Well no its not. For starters in a three year period 09/10-12/13 over 500 criminals left the UK And Entered Europe. That means that we are loosing more criminals to Europe than we are gaining. At this point please note that in the very flashy shocking  news story about these 50 criminals nowhere did it mention over what period of time they entered the UK. I suspect it was similar to the period I mentioned above. (even if those 50 came within one year we would still be loosing more criminals than we were gaining.)

That is just one example of a headline that misleads you completely. And unfortunately both sides play that game. The important thing to remember is  don't vote on a headline. If you see a story in the paper I always find it interesting to find out what the opposite opinion is to the story. It soon becomes clear what is factual and what is just a sensational headline to draw in readers!

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