European Referendum this summer!

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David Cameron has announced that a European referendum vote could be as early as this summer!

(Phew what a relief! I thought I was going to have to be doing this blog for years!)

David Cameron has been very good when it comes to the tactics of this game we call politics. His back ground helps him to convey the right message to the right people at the right time. (He was a director in a communications company for 7 years) There are many benefits to having an early vote on the EU but also some alarming downsides! I will start by being positive and then we will descend into gloom and misery!

Let’s get it over with! The sooner we do this vote the quicker we can get on with life whichever way it goes. If the Debate is allowed to drag on it will waste precious time and get very messy causing many rifts within our own country. The last thing this country needs is to be wasting time with a very long drawn out (and expensive!) vote. We simply don’t want to be wasting time or money on this.

The future plan. If (we certainly hope it doesn’t) but if it were to be the case that the country wanted to leave the EU the sooner we know the better. Leaving will mean years and years of negotiations, planning and preparing for the withdrawal. The sooner that process starts the better as again it will be long and expensive. Not to mention excruciatingly complicated. If there is not a solid plan for actually leaving the whole process could be a complete disaster for the whole of the UK.

Unfortunately, having an early vote could mean that people vote yes to leaving. Unless Cameron is able to get an attractive deal for us, without the correct information, people may not realise the serious consequences of leaving the EU or understand why we are in the EU in the first place. Many people would have very little actual knowledge of how our interaction with the EU works. In Fact it is probably impossible to know absolutely everything but rushing this could mean that not all of the facts are presented and the people of the UK will be left feeling pushed in to a corner. And the worry if this does happen is that they will vote to leave!

Another problem with an early vote! If the opposite should happen and voters just vote yes because they didn’t have enough information, then there will be wide spread discontent and anger from EU sceptics about the way the vote was handled. This will mean demands for another vote and the battle will continue and drag on for years and years to come wasting valuable time and effort that would be better focused on our country. (Even more serious, if the arguments did go on I may have to still blog about it!)

Overall I think an early vote will be a good thing but, we need to make sure for every ones sake that all the information is available to everyone. And we need to make sure that this vote is final. Whatever the outcome is, continuing to fight over the decision will only be detrimental to this country.

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