European Union a different perspective

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And now for something different. For this post lets focus  on whats makes Britain .... Britain.

(FYI you could also argue that we can do all and be all of the things below if we leave the EU but the point is we don't loose any of our Britishness if we stay in the European Union. In many ways America is more of a threat to our British ways than the whole of the EU. )

Complaining about the weather or just in general is a good place to start when contemplating what makes us British! Well don't worry, the European Union will not regulate our complaining. We can complain as much as we like about so many things. How little sun we get, people who don't pick up after their dogs, unruly youths and those nosy curtain twitchers are all things we can continue to moan and natter about for as long as we want!

Slightly more importantly if we stay in the EU we will still have the pound. One of the most sovereign things about us as a country will not change. Which brings up another rather important point. How come the rest of Europe has the Euro as their currency and we don't? Answer: We can opt out of the policies that Europe comes up with. France regularly doesn't go along with the policies they don't like. we just need to have the back bone to do the same (unfortunately our British nature of always following the rules works against us here!)

Devon-shire cream teas. Cornish pasties. Proper TEA! Its not going to change. Even Queuing in good old British style will still be allowable under the EU. People think (or say) that we loose our identity  through association with the EU. This makes very little sense as the EU really has nothing to do with all the things that make our country British. Unfortunately/fortunately we are actually well know throughout Europe for being very British! If I had a Pound for every time some person from the continent mentioned how terrible British people are at learning other countries languages, I would be slightly richer than if I got a euro each time!

Being  part of the EU does not make us less British.

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