For Science sake!

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Being as involved as I am am with a wide variety of scientists the message I keep hearing is remain! 

Currently science gains huge sums of funding from the EU for thousands of different projects across Europe. But money is not the only thing that matters. In fact that is only a small part of the reason many scientists want us to remain in the EU.

One key benefit of remaining in Europe is the collaboration and  coordination of research projects, biodiversity projects, renewable energy research..... the list goes on. If on the 23 June we make the unwise decision to leave we will no longer have access to this pool of knowledge and support. Working in partnership with other science organisations is vital for the UK to keep up with rapidly changing  technologies. 

Putting aside technology for a moment, when it comes to our natural habitats and all the research that has been done in partnership with EU Member states we will loose our ability to  proactively manage and protect our countryside. Working in partnership with EU countries also gives us the opportunity to make a difference to all of Europe's countryside by passing on our knowledge and skills. With out the ability to draw down knowledge from other countries and share our own experience we will damage the future proofing of our natural heritage. 

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