Our Green Bits

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Our Green Bits

Finally now I have time to write again!

This time I am going to talk about natural habitat and wild life. Currently the EU funds hundreds of different projects across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Projects that draw in expertise and experience from countries all across Europe. If we leave the EU we will lose this vital cross country collaboration which enables countries to solve and prevent common threats to our natural heritage.

Take for example one project I have worked on. There are 14 different partners from 8 different countries. The projects aim is to research the benefits of a nature strip around farmers’ fields. The idea being that the more natural predators to farmer’s crops there are the less pesticides that need to be used.

Given how aggressive pesticide producing companies can be it would be nearly impossible for a single country to undertake this kind of research on its own. However a combined approach from all these countries provides a powerful team who can find the best way for farmers to produce the crops without being bullied by aggressive companies.

The benefits of working with other countries are that often they have already faced similar threats and know the best way or at least a way to prevent it. Loosing this valuable avenue of information and experience will set our natural habitats back by decades.

This one issue is probably not high on the agenda for most voters but it should be. Our environment is important not just for farmers but for healthy living and tourism.  

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