Remain- Pro European Union supporters are scaremongers

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Is this true? Well in all honesty yes! But for very good reasons.

Both sides of this epic political battle are fighting for what they think is best for the UK. Both sides are and will be trying to scare people to vote for their side of the argument. We have on one side UKIPers (and by the way, U KIP if you want to but the rest of us are going to stay awake!). UKIP will tell you that we waste Billions on our membership to the EU. There are so many various figures floating around it is hard to differentiate between whats is accurate and what is blown way out of proportion(or made to look insignificant).

On the other side of that argument you will find Pro European Union Supporters explaining how little it costs us and and how many benefits we gain from being in the EU. But the reason it seems like Pro EU Supporters are scaremongering is because there will be more serious consequences leaving the EU than if we stay. And as you would expect any one who supports staying in the EU will use that to add weight  to their argument.

Scaremonger is an interesting word  (if you find words interesting) it means  "a person who spreads frightening or ominous reports or rumours." Scaremongering is the plural form. This word (and many others) are used by the press to create a headline more than anything else. Both sides will have something written about them that has been blown way out of proportion when all they were doing is putting across their side of the argument. 

I guess the point of this article is don't just listen to the press. To be able to make an informed decision you need to do a little research and gain a basic understanding of the benefits and rewards of staying in the EU. There are plenty of Facts around to get hold of. I just received a really good leaflet through the door from  giving unique insight and some very good arguments for staying in.

Warning! Scaremongering Beyond This Point! 

Leaving the EU will have serious repercussions for our country. Our economy will be damaged almost beyond repair. Farmers will be worse off (does any one really believe that the government will give the money they save from the EU membership to farmers?!) Every day human beings will be affected as trade will be more expensive meaning food prices go up. Businesses will have less money which means wages will stay low. There will be no change to immigration as other countries that want to trade with the EU actually have to take in more Immigrants! (if we left the EU we would be in this position)

I could go on! There are so many good reasons to stay in!  Lets make the Right decision as country for our country , And lets stay in! 

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