Remain- Reputation Again (Sorry!)

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To Continue on from the Post the other day about how reputation is important here are a few real life examples of how reputation affects all of us.

My business ,as a very new business, does not have a reputation (good or bad) yet! To make sure I start to get a good reputation I create long lasting partnerships I treat my current customers well and I make sure I don't associate my business with any shady organisations. And to a certain point we all do this in our lives in different ways.

Some people have a reputation for being late, some people have a reputation for always having a crazy hair do and some have a reputation for being boringly normal! reputations often reach people who don't even know us yet.

When I was a young college student (compared the old man of 25 that I Am now) I always wore  an Australian outback hat. Never did I leave the house with out that hat on my head. People didn't recognize me without the hat on. Even this year somebody thought my face was familiar and as soon as I mentioned that I used to wear an Australian hat they remembered everything about me! (I Had to make a quick escape!)

If a reputation can have such a long lasting hold on a single person Imagine what a Bad reputation could do to  a Country. (specifically ours)

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