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The previous blog I wrote on here was a bit of a rant! This time hopefully I will be less ranty and more interesting!! (We all need a good rant occasionally J) 

This week I’m going to be talking about the damage to our reputation leaving the EU will do.

To start with. Why would the reputation of the UK be damaged?

We as a nation have influence in the EU and make a substantial financial contribution.  By forfeiting our influence it would look like the UK does not care about the rest of Europe and only care about ourselves despite the fact that we have one of the healthiest economies in the EU( I said one of not the healthiest).  This will affect how all countries view the UK not just the ones left in the EU.

Now you may be thinking why does reputation matter?

Reputation influences a whole range of essential aspects of the UKs make up. For example trade deals, relationships with other countries and how the country is viewed by less friendly countries. If the UK pulls out of the EU we will be viewed in a very different light by all. Pulling out of these kinds of partnerships looks bloody minded inconsiderate and careless. (not to mention unreliable untrustworthy and unpredictable!) Unbelievably people don’t see this side of the debate very often.

The biggest issue with having a poor reputation is that it affects any and all deals we would be trying to make trade or otherwise.  No one should underestimate how a reputation can influence deals. To put this in practical terms that we can all understand, as an employer you wold be more likely to trust a member of staff who works well with others rather than one who likes to rock the boat and make a scene.


The main reason I personally think reputation matters is because of the weaker countries in Europe. If we withdraw from the EU damaging these countries’ economies in the process we can be fairly certain that we as a country will be viewed as ruthless and selfish. This will affect the way third world countries view us damaging relationships and affecting some of the poorest people in the world. If these countries see us as having a ruthless and selfish outlook they will be much less likely to work with us or allow any of the charities from the UK from working in their countries. The uncertainty of whether we will stay or suddenly pull out will be to much of a threat for these countries and they will be better of breaking the ties on their own terms.

It continues to amaze me that all we seem to talk about is our country and what we can get out of Europe and what Europe can do for us. How many people stop and think who is going to suffer from our actions? What will happen to the other countries if we pull out? I guarantee you not very many people in the UK consider this aspect!

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