The Charity Accountant - The Office Move


The office move

Moving my accountancy and fundraising business has been one of the busiest weeks I have had in a long time. First thing on the Saturday morning I went to the van depot to pick up the hire van only to find out I had not held a driving licence long enough to be able to drive the van! At this point I was thinking to myself it’s going to be one of those days! I had to wake up my friend who was helping me move and get him to drive the van instead (I now owe him several pints!). Thankfully that was the only thing that went wrong that day. We got everything in to the office mostly without damaging it!

The odd dent in a desk or filling cabinet is not concerning and does not hinder me or my staff working. My new accountancy office however, does not currently have WiFi due to Talk Talk not behaving themselves. The Phone number is also incorrect again due to Talk Talk messing us around. Hopefully this will be resolved soon and I should probably apologise now for the poor person who has to deal with my formal complaint! Still you can’t expect everything to go correctly and despite this issue with the internet and phone everything has gone relatively smoothly. For anyone else looking to move office make sure you start setting up your phone line and internet at least 2 months in advance of the move! (as clearly 1 month was not long enough!)

After a week of trying to work without internet connection whilst also unpacking everything we finally feel like the office has fully been set up and ready to go. It’s been an interesting week moving the accountancy practice from my Parents loft to an office in the centre of Okehampton. Despite being very grateful my parents let me use their loft, I am very excited to have moved out and taken a big step forward. Instead of crammed files, piles of boxes and documents everywhere, I now have row upon row of neatly labelled files all my documents are in the filling cabinet and boxes are a thing of the past!

In general, I have never been the most organised person in fact that is probably my greatest weakness. Thankfully I am able to recognize this and have taken steps to ensure my fresh start is not short-lived due to my disorganized approach! Much of this new organized office is thanks to Emma who I have been working with over the last 6 months. Although I may have said what I have wanted Emma is the one who actually implements these new systems.

Fresh starts are never easy mainly because you realise how stuck in your ways you were. Turning over a new leaf often highlights all the flaws in your previous accomplishments which (although slightly depressing) highlights new ways to improve and better the old versions. I find this exciting for a new accountancy office as it means I can only improve (at least that’s the idea). I would actually be more concerned if I had no vision for the future improvements I would like to make.

Looking to the future for my accountancy firm I hope we become a leader in charity finance and governance on a national scale. This may seem a long way off but every step we take is a step closer to the goal. In achieving this goal I hope we make a difference to every charity client we have along the way.

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