UK Fundraising 


Planning fundraising can be a tricky process. With the current unpredictability it can seem almost impossible to plan for anything. However sensible planning does provide a clear direction with regard to fundraising. Our solid administrative processes and fail safe options will ensure a budget which includes fall back options if things become a struggle.


Recently we have started to notice that charities and non profit organisations are not always very good at keeping information about themselves. The emphasis is on the work the charity is doing and not always on the administration side of things. 

Even if charities have in the past applied for grants any information they used has normally been deleted or not saved in the first place. Having this sort of information not only makes our lives (or the charities) easier, it also gives you a way of measuring whether what you are saying is appealing to grant providers or supporters. 


Always have a 5 year plan to keep the charity looking forward. Having a five year plan helps you make adjustments for any potential difficulties in the future. A long term plan is not just about the finances. The plan should be created using the objectives of the charity and then create the financial plan detailing how to achieve those objectives. Once you have created a five year plan you must review it regularly to make sure your organisation is moving in the right direction. Another reason for reviewing the 5 year plan is because plans change. There is very little point in having a longterm plan that has no resemblance to the direction of the charity. 

Often you can find Trusts that will give money to your organisation or provide support in one way or another.

We would conduct a funding search to find a suitable trust for your particular organisation or charity.

As with most grants there is always a application form which needs to be completed and done well as competition can be fierce.

One of the best things about fundraising in the UK is how versatile fundraising can be. Big charities often rely on large grants either from the government or the lottery. Whilst smaller charities use quiz nights and one off donations to achieve their goals.

Funding from the lottery is one of the main sources of Grant Fundraising in the UK and supports many different types of activities. You can apply for grants from as little as £500 pounds up to millions of pounds!

We can help with applications to The Big Lottery Fund, Heritage Lottery Fund and many other lottery funding streams.

Fundraising  Challenges

Although fundraising is essential to charities, fundraising brings many challenges and takes a lot of work.  Planning ahead of any fundraising event is essential to ensure all rules and regulations are being followed. For example if you are collecting on the streets you will need to gain a licence from the local council.  

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